Hi. I am Xiao Xiao 销销.

Wuhan 武汉, HUBEI 湖北/ BERLIN.︎
I am a creative practitioner with interdiscplinary backgrounds. I work on community-specific experiences mediated by texts, games, and performance on topics of techno-politics, infrastructure, border practices, and the performative aspect of political memory, especially on their relevances to global phenomenons.


11/2022 Interledger Summit: Can Web Monetization Protocols Bring About a Fairer Digital Future, Panel Discussion with: Ayden Férdeline, Dr Stephanie Perrin, Ellen Magallane

Open Set Lab Symposium: On the Practice of Tuning-in, Parkhhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Rhythm of Super-Diversity: Framework in Progress

09/2018 Der 39. Kongress der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie (The 39th Congress of the German Sociological Association), Göttingen, Feminist Data in Practice: Sketching the Invisible


2020-2022. MA Global Communication: Politics and Society

︎︎︎Erfurt University, THURINGIA

2020-2021. Research Programme:
New Politics and Afrofuturism (Online)
︎︎︎University of the Underground, Amsterdam&London, NORTH HOLLAND

BA Gender and Diversity Studies
︎︎︎Rhine-Waal University of Applied Science, NRW

Semester Abroad: Minor in Cognitive Science
︎︎︎Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, NORTH HOLLAND

Erasmus Abroad Year: Psychology and Anthropology
︎︎︎ Radboud University Nijmegen, GELDERLAND



Alien without Extraordinary Ability

New Politics and Afrofuturism, University of the Underground
Research & Design


Down Down Radio Podcast Series


BORDER? BORDER! A letter to 2050 (I)


BORDER? BORDER! A letter to 2050 (II)


Interview with Dr. Florian Wagner (1): History of Colonial Internationalism


Interview with Dr. Florian Wagner (2): The Myth of Colonial Science and Migration


Rethinking Media Discourse: Dialogue with Sophia Burton from Migration Matters

Worldwide FM
Coordination & Co-host & Interview & Production


Rhythm of Super-Diversity 

Research Residency Fluid Rythm, Open Set Lab
Research & Design


Artist in Residence @ Asian Performing Artist Lab 6th Edition @Berliner Ringtheater with Yve Oh and Yumo Cheng
On teaser performance of Alien without Extraordinary Ability

Assistant @ EdiCitNet @IRI-THESys (Integrative Research Institute on Transformations of Human-Environment Systems) @Humbold University of Berlin
On urban food system transformation

Emotional Futures @Callie’s @LAS Berlin (Light Art Space)
with Marcel Darienzo, Carina Erdmann, Steph Holl-Trieu, Andrew Pasquier, Moritz Tontsch, and Ingeborg Wie Henriksen. 
On extended reality game which allows players to speculate on the value of their emotional future

Research Residency@Trust Berlin  2022-ongoing
with Moritz Tontsch and Felix Ansmann
On game modding and metagamming as allegory

AI Anarchies Study Group@ADK (Akademie der Künste)
      2022 Autumn
On AI ethics and more

On the Practice of Tuning in, 03.2019


Wir Sind Patent Erfurt / Nelly Ben Hayoun Studio / Deutsche Telekom Global Carrier / Frauencafe Kleve / Expo Milano 2015 / WOW-EFFECT Theate / Nikolas Adamopoulos Design and Consulting / Stadt Kleve / HFI Consulting GmbH
as freelancer, workshop coordinator, intern, volunteer, community organizer, representative etc.
Please email me if you would like to see my complete resume! :-]

@sxj1995 ︎



︎︎︎ Zine with 11 researchers at University of the Underground, 2021, one of the main contributers

在2021年聊性别 / Talk about Gender in 2021: An Anti-Disciplinary Podcast 
︎︎︎13 Episodes Podcast about gender politics in China with Dr. Yifei Shen 沈奕斐and Journalist and Producer Chang Meng 孟常, 小宇宙FM, 2021, research & literature review
Click here for the trial episode

︎︎︎ Narrative network with script and moving image with Sarah Fünke at Sofia Art Week and WOW-EFFECT Theater, 2020, writer and producer
Script is available upon request by email.

︎︎︎ Installation with 3 artists at Idea Factory Rural Imagination ResidencyGoethe-Institut Bulgaria, 2020, co-producer

CANDY GIRLS by  Gim Gwang Cheol 
︎︎︎ performance art piece at Performance Art Exchange Event by Young Blood InitiativesOKO-Curtural Melting Point, 2018, performer in the Amsterdam version 

︎︎︎ Documantary theater with WOW-EFFECT Theater Group 2016 Alumni at XOX Theater and Thiemelood, 2016, coordinator, writer, co-producer
Script is available upon request by email.
Press Press

Short Courses
2022 Funded Summer Program:
AI and the Future of International Security Policy
︎︎︎Hertie School of Public Policy, BERLIN

2022 Funded Summer Program: Forster Summer School on Nuclear Fission: Discovery, impacts and perspectives︎︎︎ Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz, RHINELAND PALATINATE

2017 Funded
Summer Program: Science Communication in Transcultural Context
︎︎︎ STEAM Summer School

Summer School: Cultural Diversity in Theory and Practices
︎︎︎ Tilburg University, NORTH BRABANT


Talking about Gender in 2021: An Anti-disciplinary Podcast is a series of podcast published by 新世相 光之来处, hosted by Dr. Yifei Shen, an  Assistant Professor at Fudan University and Media Producer Chang Meng. Gender-based-discrimination, gender stereotyping, dichotomy of binary gender... all these commonly discussed and mentioned concepts in Chinese context can be unfolded by their essence and nuances.

监制 | 全俙西
策划 | 高艺哲
主编 | 陈伟娟
录制 | 项家棋
摄影 | 何脑斯
设计 | 大牙
宣发 | 王敏澄
资料整理 | 吴晶晶、陈祎皓、晓霁

Alien of Extraordinary Ability is a type of visa that is issued in a few countries in the world to give priority to certain foreigners who are seen to have great talents in science, art, sports, or any other categories. Being called the “geniuses visa” or “Einstein visa”, one of the example for the recipient of such visa is the famous Melania Trump.

2016, Home Again, XOX Theater
From WOW-EFFECT Theater
Photo by Bart Notelaers

Home Again is an experiental documentary theater that consist of five sketches and a monologue on refugees’ journeys and their integration within our society. Each sketch shows different characters and a different part of their journey while the monologue goes throughout the performance.
As a co-writer of Home Again, I generated background research about relevant topics discussed in the performance and conducted interviews with refugees, members of local NGO, researchers in relevant fields, and volunteers. With their help, I wrote the theater sketch “new connection” and the monologue. As one of the producers, I also prepared and organized the acting workshop and weekly rehearsals together the director, as well as contributed to the community building for a multicultural theater group.
Home Again was written with help by refugees in Nijmegen (Heumensoord) and in the Niederrhein area of Germany. We worked together with the XOX Theater in Kleve to bring the encore performance on stage there and worked with the Haus der Begegnung (a meeting place for locals and refugees) to promote and shape this performance.

2021, Down Down Radio, Worldwide FM

Border? Border! A letter to 2050

Eduardo Castillo Vinuesa: Anti-disciplinary architect and researcher, currently in Spain.
Adnan Arif: Multidisciplinary designer, strategies, researcher currently in UAE.
Xiaoji Song.

Produced by Xiaoji Song.
Visual by Yris Apsit.

2019, Open Set Lab, On the Practice of Tuning in

2020,  Mapping the Rural Soundscape, Goethe Institut Bulgaria

2021, Down Down Radio, Worldwide FM

Rethinking Media Discourse: Dialogue with Sophia Burton from Migration Matters

Sophia Burton is the co-founder and the current managing director of Migration Matters whose work lies at the intersection of migration, media, and online education.

Xiaoji Song.

Produced by Xiaoji Song.
Visual by Yris Apsit.

2021, Down Down Radio, Worldwide FM

Interview with Dr. Florian Wagner: History of Colonial Internationalism, the Myth of Colonial Science, and Migration

Dr. Florian Wagner: Historian, assistant professor at University of Erfurt in Germany, with interests in colonial history, history of migration, and environmental history.
Xiaoji Song.

Produced by Xiaoji Song.
Visual by Yris Apsit.