Hello, this is Xiaoji Song 宋晓霁.
I am a writer and interdisciplinary researcher based in Germany.

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My works focus mainly on migration/integration, intersectional feminism, and related social changes in a networked digital society. I am interested in using digital tools to design intervention approaches and bridge our current asymmetry of information in both the local and global level. 

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Home Again, 2016

2016, Home Again, XOX Theater
From WOW-EFFECT Theater Photo by Bart Notelaers

From 2014 to 2017, I was honored to be one of the early members of WOW-EFFECT Theater, a non-profit multicultural theatre group. WOW-EFFECT Theater is the first English theater community in Nijmegen, NL. Home Again is a project I initiated during my stay there that materalized with the support of the wonderful people I work together there.

Home Again is an experimental documentary theater that consist of five sketches and a monologue on refugees’ journeys and their integration within our society. Each sketch shows different characters and a different part of their journey while the monologue goes throughout the performance.
As a co-writer of Home Again, I generated background research about relevant topics discussed in the performance and conducted interviews with refugees, members of local NGO, researchers in relevant fields, and volunteers. With their help, I wrote the theater sketch “new connection” and the monologue. As one of the producers, I also prepared and organized the acting workshop and weekly rehearsals together the director, as well as contributed to the community building for a multicultural theater group.

Home Again was written with help by refugees in Nijmegen (Heumensoord) and in the Niederrhein area of Germany. We worked together with the XOX Theater in Kleve to bring the encore performance on stage there and worked with the Haus der Begegnung (a meeting place for locals and refugees) to promote and shape this performance.

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The List of Collaborators:
Tanya de Kruijff
Sarah Fünke
Tulya Kavaklioglu
Madelief Maria Lenders
Ruud Mol
Huzefa Zaveri
Ashwin Sinai Netravalkar
Alexandru Romanescu
Burhan Pagdhiwala
Rohit Gurlhosur
Andrea Marchese
Veronika Merkel
Special Thanks:
Fady Ramzy, Sufian Sasila, Ahmad Sasila, Maria Schneider-Bless, Mohammed Hnnan